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LastRoom is the easiest way to find an hotel for your company. Hotels worldwide, all your invoices in one place, data collection and real-time reports.


Around the world

Search within more than 400,000 all-budget hotels worldwide

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The best rates of the net for the first time in a business travel platform.

All the content

All-budget hotels, B&B, hostels and apartments for the first time in a business travel platform.


Preferred hotels can be added in less than 24 hours.

Travel Expenses

All your invoices in the same place, no need to recollect them directly at the hotel.


Generate real-time reports of each Team Member's performance and spends.

Free Wi-Fi guarantee

We guarantee free WiFi connection in all
our hotels.
If the hotel charges you for the WiFi service, LastRoom will refund you.

Business Travel has never been so cool.

LastRoom is forever free, no matter how many users you sign up.